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The bureau completed the count on time and matched the 2000 decennials. Texas census 2010 population in january 2011, the first set of census 2010 data products for texas was released, which represents the texas resident population on april 1, 2010. Anne arundel county maryland department of maryland. According to the provisional reports released on 31 march 2011, the indian population increased to 121 crore with a decadal growth of 17. Census2010pop 412010 resident total census 2010 population. Census 2010 texas department of state health services.

Population and housing characteristics for selected american indian and alaska native tribes similar to the census 2000 phc5 report, but only for 100percent data media. This term is used mostly in connection with national population and housing censuses. The age structure of canada, provinces and territories over time. Summary file 2 provides detailed demographic information from the 2010 census for up to 331 different race and ethnic groups. In january 2011, the first set of census 2010 data products for texas was released, which represents the texas resident population on april 1, 2010. The indian population census 2011 covered a number of parameters during the survey. Population census done in every ten years indeed is the only recognized source in bangladesh for quality benchmark. On june 1, 2011, the count question resolution cqr program began accepting 2010 census challenge submissions. The overall sex ratio of the population is 940 females for every 1,000 males in 2011. Decennial census datasets a dataset is the assembled result of one data collection operation for example, the 2010 census as a whole or in major subsets 2010 census summary file 1. They provide a detailed snapshot of the population and its characteristics, and underpin funding allocation to provide public services.

A census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population. Census 2010 demographic profiles of population and housing characteristics. Pa stats pennsylvania state data center penn state. Population data are available on this site by raceethnicity, age, gender, and geographic area county or larger. Provisional data from the census was released on 31 march 2011 and was updated on 20 may 20. However, the event was deferred to july 2011 to provide sufficient preparation time. Preparation for the 2010 population and housing census spanish pdf 719 kb.

This was partly due to the 2010 census reporting an increase of 82,000 vacant units in new york city, or a 46 percent rise since 2000. The datasets below may include statistics, graphs, maps, microdata, printed reports, and results in other forms. Estimatesbase2010 412010 resident total population estimates base. Community profiles provides an excel spread sheet of detailed census data for a selected area. The certified july 1, 2010 population estimates were prepared by prc prior to the release of the april 1, 2010 census data. Census india 2011 population, religion, cast data as per. There have been surveys on cities and districts as well. Anglo, black, hispanic and other populations are defined here using the single multirace category smrc raceethnicity definitions, which were initiated with the 2010 census. The national census 2011 has been run on all the 28 states of the country and the seven union territories. United nations statistics division demographic and social. Population change 2000 to 2010 pdf county total population 2010 map. The 2010 census summary file 1 data for washington state was released in august 2011. It is part of a series that analyzes population and housing data collected from the 2010 census. The report was produced by the hawaii state data center, a part of the research and economic analysis division of dbedt, from data provided by the u.

Selected housing and household indicators analytical brief. Correctional populations in the united states, 2010. New york citys enumerated population was 8,175,3 persons as of april 1, 2010, the largest enumerated census population in the citys history. Internet pdf, paper printed report states mar 2011 feb 2012 2010 census briefs analysis of topics including graphs and tables. Census bureau released local 2010 census data on february 9, 2011, to the maryland governor and leadership of the state legislature. Aboriginal and torres strait islander people made up 2. Texas population, 2010 current raceethnicity categories note.

The countrys fourth national population and housing census was supposed to be held in july 2010. This report also provides information about how age and sex data were collected in the 2010 census. More census products socioeconomic indexes for areas. Experience and technologies in automated data processing. Transgender population was counted in population census in india for first time in 2011. In the 2011 census, there were 21,507,717 people in australia of these 49. The 2010 census enumerated new york citys population at 8,175,3, well short of the estimate and, we believe, indicative of an undercount of the citys population. By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. State population counts for race and hispanic or latino categories state housing unit counts by occupancy status occupied units, vacant units media. The united nations defines the essential features of population and housing censuses. Census has been conducted in india since 1872 and 2011 marks the first time biometric information was collected.

State population counts for race and hispanic or latino categories state housing unit counts by occupancy status occupied units, vacant units. The census was taken via mailin citizen selfreporting, with enumerators serving to spotcheck randomly selected neighborhoods and communities. Counties within state in fips code sort data fields in order of appearance. Allows the user to navigate through canada, provinces, territories, census divisions and census subdivisions to obtain population and dwelling counts from the 2011 census. This tabulation is specifically designed to aid in redrawing the boundaries for united states congressional districts, state house and senate lines, and local. Content errors are caused by either a respondent giving a wrong response or by an enumerator recording an incorrect response. Population data are available on this site by raceethnicity. According to the census reports of indian census 2011, the population of india is 1,210,854,977 with 623, 724, 248. Census bureau, 2010 census summary file 2 2010 census cph1, summary population and housing characteristics report series. Population and housing unit counts for the united states, regions, divisions, and american. United nations statistics division demographic and. Data on the sex and age composition of the united states and your community are. August 11, 2011 ages profile 2 pages raceethnic by age profile 15 pages for additional 2010 census summary file one data, go to sf1 main page.

Listed below are related 2010 census data products available through american factfinder. Comparison of census 2011 and previous censuses requires alignment of data to 2011 municipal boundaries disability. Marylands population grew by just over 477,000 between 2000 and 2010, a 9. One report for the united states, each state, the district of columbia, and puerto rico providing selected data and maps. States and discusses its distribution at the national level and at lower levels of geography. The fifth population and housing census was conducted over a period of five days starting at the zero hour of 15 march 2011 and completing on the 19 march 2011. The 2010 phc was carried out with reference to 26th september 2010 as the census night. For information on data collection, confidentiality protection, nonsampling error, and definition download the 2010 census redistriciting data public law 94171 summary file author. Census npr vital statistics the estimated population of india in 2011 is projected to be 1192 million an addition of 164 million decadal growth rate in 20012011 works out to be15. Census bureau released the 2010 census redistricting public law 94171 file for florida on march 17, 2011.

When shown, the congressional districts in these products are for the 111th congress. Census 2010 detailed population and housing data, state and counties show. Released may 19th 2011, the demographic profiles provide 2010 census data on age and sex distributions, race, hispanic or latino origin, household relationship and type, the group quarters population, and housing occupancy and tenure whether the housing occupant owns or rents. Tablebuilder enables you to create tables, graphs and maps of census data.

China releases first 2010 census results population. Previous postindependence censuses were conducted in 1960, 1970, 1984 and 2000. Files containing counts of the total files containing counts of the total population and the population 18 years and over, by race and hispanic origin. Census 2010 report shows total, inside and outside 2011 pfa for additional. Organization, and management of the upcoming ukraine 2010 population census. Population estimates and reports portland state university. Enumeration was completed in november 2010 and data processing ended in may. Department of commerce economics and statistics administration u. Frequently occuring surnames from census 2010 measuring race and ethnicity across the decades. The 2011 census database is the result of a major joint effort by the european statistical system ess to better disseminate the results of the population and housing censuses in europe, providing users with easy access to detailed census data that are structured in the same way and methodologically comparable between countries.

These parameters include population, growth rate in population, rate of literacy, density of population, sex ratio and child sex ratio 06 years. Facilitates the analysis and comparison of the changing demographic and socio composition of selected geographic areas across canada 2011 census data navigator. It took 10 million census workers to carry out the huge exercise, roughly equivalent to the entire population of belgium. Annual resident population estimates and estimated components of resident population change for combined statistical areas and their geographic components. Questions on disability were replaced by general health and functioning questions. Report on the results of a survey on census methods used by. Population, growth and structure by sex and age spanish pdf 284 kb. The probation population 4,055,514 was the largest component 57% of the total correctional population at yearend. As such, it includes a summary of our findings over the last decade related to the census bureaus management of the decennial census. New analysis on island population and housing units now. The 2010 population and housing census phc is the fifth census conducted in ghana since independence. It is part of a series that analyzes population and housing data collected from the 2010 census, and it. Census bureau, 2010 census the census bureau established the 2010 census count question resolution cqr program by which state, local, and tribal area elected officials may challenge their jurisdictions 2010 census counts.

The 2010 census summary file 2 data for washington state was release february 2012. Pa stats are common statistical data for the commonwealth of pennsylvania generated by the state. The 2010 population estimates in the following table are based on the prc data certified as of december 31, 2010. To access data from multiple geographies within the state, such as census blocks. The census was taken via mailin citizen selfreporting, with enumerators serving to spotcheck.

May 2011 china, the worlds only other demographic billionaire, along with india, released the results of its nov. The data of indian census 2011 covers all the major aspects of society like population, sex ratio and literacy percentage as well. The 2010 census showed that the united states population on april 1, 2010, was 308. Npopchg2012 numeric change in resident total population 712011 to 712012. Census 2010 census 2000 historical population info. The second population enumeration phase was conducted between 9 to 28 february 2011. Island population and housing units, state of hawaii. Files containing counts of the total files containing counts of the total population and the population 18. National census day, the reference day used for the census, was april 1, 2010. The united states census of 2010 was the twentythird united states national census.

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