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The boone and crockett scoring system has been the template for most other scoring systems, so you should start by taking these spread, point and circumference measurements. I did learn a lot about whitetail deer in this book and the photography was excellent. Coue s whi tetail deer worlds record typical coues whitetail deer score. Whitetail deer buck standing near the edge of a forest during rut. The boone and crockett club judges panel at the 22nd big game awards program declared my buck the new worlds record typical whitetail with a final and official score of 258 points. This is one of those deer that come along so rarely, it makes you pause and marvel at the wonders of nature and. This impressive selection of high quality photographs are extremely useful for beginners and professional taxidermists. The biggest deer ever killed nontypical and typical and not counting farm raised steroid deer is lost to history because some indian cut the antlers up to use them for tools, etc. What are the highest scoring whitetail bucks of all time. Kansas top 20 deer records deer big game information. Alot of this has to do with the great job your dnr has done over the years to insure the whitetail population thrives. The boone and crockett clubs official scoring manual, measuring and scoring north american big game trophies is a useful reference source for scoring more complicated trophies, as well as all species of big game recognized by the clubs records program.

Biggest nontypical whitetail ever killed by a hunter. Some of it can be applied to hunting, a lot of it is interesting or nice to know type information. The game plan was to set up at opposite ends of travel corridor and. Records of north american whitetail deer is the definitive history book of trophy whitetail deer in north america. Funds from the sale of these patches will be used to support the big game scoring program, including enabling the holding of periodic scoring sessions. New world record whitetail the johnny king buck from. Whitetail deer fall into two categories for record book consideration. A possible world record whitetail deer was killed in sumner county on monday. Big bucks galore, from the boone and crockett record book archives.

An amazing thing about this buck is that fact that he broke off his left side main beam in velvet. Timothy beck took this outrageous buck last fall in indiana. South dakota nontypical archery whitetail deer record book entry brett j. Additionally, the biggest free range deer that ever lived almost certainly died naturally without ever being shot and likely seen by human eyes. Enter your information in the fields below to receive uptodate news on our upcoming and latest hunts, photos of our memorymaking trophy deer, special offers, and to. This greatlyexpanded edition includes over 7,500 listings of whitetail deer from the boone and crockett clubs records program, which was started in 1932. The big buck club announced today that the johnny king buck from wisconsin is the new world record typical whitetail gross scoring buck of all time. Before 1981 this was a sad time of the year for many hunters, as it would be another. I have gone into hunting with an attitude of self satisfaction when i outsmart a mature buck and have not needed to. Scoring your whitetail trophy deer hunting realtree camo. Missouri big buck record book missouri whitetails your. We put together a countdown of the highest scoring whitetail buck ever killed according to boone and crockett records.

The record book has been produced every two years since 1972 and contains thousands of trophy whitetail and bear entries. This article is reprinted from boone and crockett clubs 22nd big game awards book with permission of the boone and crockett club, 250 station dr. If youd like a list of official measurers in your area sent to you, please click here. When field scoring deer, your best reference point to get an idea of the frame size will be the bucks ears, eyes, and nose. As the definitive history book of trophy whitetail deer in north america, the much anticipated fourth edition of the boone and crockett club publication, records of north american whitetail deer is now available. Nc whitetail deer hunting concluded a couple of months ago with another successful year. This buck was taken in houston county, minnesota, in 1995.

In order for a trophy to be entered in the boone and crockett club awards program, it must be scored by one of our designated official measurers. Mark lee of crosby displays texas newest state record free ranging nontypical whitetail. Despite this book not being what i expected, it is still a very fine book. Recordbook whitetail bucks becoming more common the.

Records of north american whitetail deer fourth edition. Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record grand. The nys big buck club record book is an official collection of new york states exceptional whitetail deer and black bear. The 27yearold farmer and avid deer hunter from gallatin, tennessee, shot the deer with a muzzleloader in november. Missouri big buck record book discussion in whitetails general started by skull stacker, nov 8, 2008. The counties with the highest number of deer recorded in the record book are those counties with the largest amount of deer habitat, but good deer are taken in any part of the state where good habitat exists. Record book minnesota nontypical whitetail buck youtube. Texas biggest open range buck in 100 years texas fish. Circumferences are taken as detailed in illustration for each measurement. Float a canoe into a big bucks bedding area for the ultimate whitetail hunt. January 2012 bucks recorded in the iowa big game records between 1953 and 1998. If g4 is missing, take h4 halfway between g3 and tip of main beam. A reference book listing all of the top scoring whitetail deer from each state and province in north america using the boone and crockett clubs universally recognized and ed big game scoring system.

We have all the reasons in the world to do that since we make so much money scoring deer. Currently, this includes whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorn, american elk, and bighorn sheep. It is our intention to get you a reasonable opportunity at the caliber deer you are looking to harvest. Follow along with each tip in order to find out how to properly field score a whitetail. Having deer scored and put into record books discussion in ohio bowhunting started by scooter73, may 28, 2012. Official scoring system for bowhunting north american big. We can even take steps to make those dreams come true. Its the fourth largest nontypical in history and one of only five bucks to break the 300inch mark. To get into the pope and young record book, your whitetail deer must score at least 125 or higher.

Posted on december 11, 2014 by deltaoperatorman viewers. Home forums whitetail hunting whitetails general we have updated our rules. The bucks official score, a stunning 208 78 pope and young inches. But, if real trophy whitetail hunting is your obsession and you have a goal of getting into the record books, there are a small number of hunting outfitters that provide the opportunity to take a true world record whitetail deer many of these hunting operations are privately owned and cater to serious hunters who thrive on the pursuit. What may be the biggest whitetail deer ever harvested by a hunter was taken august 25 at the apple creek whitetail ranch in gillett, wisconsin. Shorty after that, it was decided that the 72point antlers were sheds from the 78pointer, and the no. The top 40 typical and nontypical whitetails of all time. Its the end of february in north carolina and rabbit season is almost over. There are many businesses that offer guided deer hunts. The 4 12yearold buck was shot by apple creeks owner, scott follett, and green scored 547 inches.

Field evaluation for boone and crockett score whitetail deer. On october 11, 1996, sam collora arrowed the highestgrossing typical whitetail ever shot by a bowhunter at that time. The book does contain a lot of information on whitetail deer. The new maryland state record nontypical whitetail. The best way to score a buck step by step illustrated. The final buck on our list is one im fairly certain youve never heard of. To have you r trophy scored you may bring it to a nebraska game and parks office.

You want to deer hunt where the giants roam, hopefully improving your odds at shooting a record book buckand the time to start planning next seasons trip is now. Coming out of highland county, ohio, this whitetail took top honors for the deer with the longest main beam. It will look great framed with your score sheet, or tucked within the pages of your record book. Jeremy, a member of the north american hunting club, shot a recordbook, nontypical whitetail buck tuesday, november 9, 2010, in elko, minnesota. Stephen tucker, 26, of gallatin attempted to shoot the trophy buck with a muzzleloader. The first step in this process is establishing your reference points. Bruce norton with his typical whitetail deer scoring 16838 points. To aide you in keeping your knowledge current and complete, we are offering a wide range of how to instructions and. If brow point is missing, take h1 and h2 at smallest place between burr and g2. All entrants meeting the minimum requirements of the magnolia records program will receive an official magnolia records program certificate. Over 7,500 listings of whitetail deer from the boone and crockett clubs records program dating back to the late 1800s up through december 31, 2002.

The massive 8x6 grossed 223 inches, and the collora buck seemed to have a. Each year, we have hundreds of whitetail hunters enter the state record books, and many of the top bucks on record were taken in the last 10 years, hough said. On april, the bucks final scoring came in at a gross 22168 beating the milo hanson buck from saskatchewan. American hunter best places to hunt record whitetail. Put your name in the record books with a world record. Since many hunters ply their trade close to home, the notion of building your own recordclass bucks makes sense even if you dont own property. Tennessee native stephen tucker set a new record in 2016 with a 47point trophy whitetail. In some cases, it can lead to awards for exceptional hunting. For more information contact the clubs records dept. Trophies taken in past years as well as the present are eligible. Typical whitetail deer which have symmetrical antlers with 6, 8, 10, 12points arising in a normal manner from the antler beam have a minimum requirement of 160 inches. Just in case you havent been totally consumed by buck fever yet, heres one last nudge to tip you all the way over the edge. Buckmasters whitetail trophy records home facebook. Our system for measuring whitetail antlers gives credit for every scoreable inch of antler no deductions.

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